The project is developed by Union of Private Bulgarian Entrepreneurs “Vuzrazdane” according a Programme of European Commission- 2003 Phare Small Projects Programme

The project aims to further advance the knowledge of Bulgarian private entrepreneurs and administrative capacity of specialized state institutions in the EC technical legislation and best EU/acceding countries practices of its implementation and enforcement as part of the EC internal market acquis, related to mutually recognized goods.
The project starts at 20.12.2004 and finishes at 19.12.2005

Project objectives:

  • To provide platform for discussion of achievements and challenges in the implementation and enforcement of the EC technical legislation through the design, organization of an one day international conference and production of conference proceedings in Bulgarian circulation and English circulation with policy recommendations for improving the administrative procedures and removal of existing obstacles for their application.

  • To systemize in a user-friendly format the information of EC technical legislation and Bulgarian harmonised primary and secondary legislation through the design, preparation and distribution of Manual of EC technical legislation in circulation (Bulgarian language).

  • To increase the visibility of the process of implementation and enforcement of EC technical legislation in Bulgaria through the creation of a specialized Internet module and conduction of 1 press conference.

The project meets the three main objectives of the Small Projects Programme:
  • By helping different interrelated actors to be better prepared for and informed about accession matters, the Small Projects Programme is intended to facilitate the enlargement process. This particular project will raise the awareness of the private entrepreneurs to better understand and follow the requirements of the EC technical legislation as part of the European integration process and the Enlargement process in general. It will involve all societal actors from the state, branch associations, business, media to sustain their relations and interactions so as to be able better understand all consequences of the enforcement of the harmonized national legislation.

  • The project will directly contribute to closer European integration of Bulgaria into the EU as it will provide opportunity for Bulgarian private entrepreneurs to build on the lessons of other acceding countries with regard to compliance of national legislations with the EC technical standards and requirements. The opportunity to exchange experience and lessons learned with other acceding countries will be given through the international conference discussions and later on conference proceedings distribution amongst direct and indirect project beneficiaries.

  • The activities of the project will help increase the visibility of the EU standards, requirements and practices in the internal market acquis (free movement of goods) through analysing acceding and candidate countries accession experience and comparing it to the EU member states one

Key activities: The project envisages four types of activities such as:

International conference
The project envisages the design, preparation and organization of one day International conference under the title “Challenges for private entrepreneurs in the course of implementation and enforcement of the EC technical legislation EU, Acceding and Candidate countries”

The International conference was carry out at 19-20 May 2005, Sheraton Hotel, at “Serdica” hall Sofia, Bulgaria
Conference opening was: 19.05.2005 at 14.00 p.m.
Final speech was: 20.05.2005 at 12 p.m.
Languages: English and Bulgarian

Within the project implementation framework there will be couple of publications envisaged:

  • a special Manual which compiles all harmonized legislation (primary and secondary one) in the area of technical (harmonized) legislation. It provides list of standards, useful contacts for Bulgaria SMEs, summaries of key EC legislation and selected practices of its implementation and enforcement in the EU, acceding and candidate countries.

  • Conference proceedings covering analytical reports prepared by Bulgarian, EU and Phare acceding and candidate countries which were prepared in advance the actual date of the conference, were assigned and supervised by experts from the Union and abstracts of which were presented during the International conference itself.

  • The conference proceedings were published in both Bulgarian and English languages. They also included summarized abstracts of the conference discussions as well as all conference conclusions, recommendations and list of participants and speakers. The latter also has short professional profiles attached. The conference proceeding included as well photos from the relevant sessions, conference debates and informal conversations amongst the participants

Press conference

The promotion of the project was realized through press conference which was held on the date of the conference- 19 May 2005 at Sheraton Hotel, Sofia in “Pirin” hall at 13.00h The press conference included at professional journalists from leading national print and electronic media who got full package of the project as well as information on the international conference participants, programme, speakers.The journalists received official press release for both the conference as event as well as for the whole project where Phare Small projects contribution was fully acknowledged.

Internet module
Within the project framework special efforts is focused on the creation of speclialized Internet module within the official Web page of the Union “Vuzrazdane” ( where Bulgarian SMEs is given access to harmonized Bulgarian primary and secondary legislation, list of standards, EU practices of implementation of EC technical requirements, useful contacts. The Module provides special advices and consultations upon request to Union “Vuzrazdane” members what kind of EC technical requirements and standards Bulgarian companies have to consider both as producers as well as consumers. The Internet module is also used for providing regular information on the project progress and it secures higher visibility of all project actions.

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